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Equipment Rental

Flow Control offers doppler, transit time and hybrid flow meters for rent.  Pricing is based on 5 day rental increments.

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Handheld HART Communicator

$150.00 rental

HART Hand Held Communicator is a hand held interface based on HART protocol that provides a common communication interface to all HART compatible instruments.


It is used to perform configuration, management, maintenance and adjustment to HART instruments, and meantime monitor the process variables of the running instruments.

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DUFX Hand-held Flow Meter

$550.00 rental

Dynasonics UFX Doppler Flow Meters provide accurate and reliable flow velocity assessments in closed pipe, liquid systems.  UFX requires that the liquid be either solids-bearing or aerated at a minimum of 100 ppm. 

The product utilizes a single, hand-held transducer which is placed on the outside of metal or plastic pipe.  Within seconds after placing the transducer, the large LCD will provide a velocity reading in either FPS (feet per second) or MPS (meters per second).  The UFX comes with a flow calculator/slide chart for conversion of velocity measurements to popular volumetric measurements.


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Dynasonics 902 Portable Flow Meter

 $550.00 rental

The Series 902 Portable Enhanced Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Meter provides accurate and reliable readings on closed full pipe applications containing relatively clean liquids as well as liquids with higher concentrations of suspended solids or aeration.

Clamp-on non-invasive transducers permit the instrument to be installed in minutes without interrupting the system pressure or flow, providing a simple and cost-effective solution to flow verification. The Series 902 transducers function on metal or plastic pipes size ¼” (6mm) and above. They have a NEMA 6P(IP-68) rating, and have the ability to work with fluid temperatures up to +400 °F (+200 °C).


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Dynasonics TFXP

$550.00 rental

Series TFXP Portable Transit Time Flowmeters feature the world’s most advanced non-invasive flow measurement technology –providing a measuring system with unsurpassed accuracy, versatility, ease of installation and dependability. Although designed primarily for cleaner liquids, the flowmeter can reliably measure liquids containing moderate amounts of suspended solids or aeration. TFXP is designed for long or short term flow measurement surveys on full-pipe liquid systems and is ideal for verifying calibration of permanently mounted flowmeters of all types.

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DXN Portable Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Basic doppler

 $795.00 rental

Basic transit time w/ std, small & lg pipe

 $995.00 rental

Complete Package including energy 

$1295.00 rental

The DXN is simply the best option for your next portable application, with true hybrid transit time and Doppler operation, an expandable 1GB data logger that takes readings over 100 times a second, and the ability to store site-specific parameters using plain English site descriptions.
One portable meter does it all – TRUE HYBRID instrument switches automatically between transit time and Doppler measurement as needed.
Take more accurate readings with superior measurement processing speed; takes over 100 flow readings per second


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